Are you a director, entrepreneur or manager with high expectations looking for traction, better balance, higher satisfaction and more optimal use of your talents, drive and capacities in the current dynamics? Take ownership of the process, and of your own development, company and team. With Rietbergen Coaching, you can count on a high-level sparring partner with broad experience in leadership roles in business and social organisations. The approach is goal-oriented and direct, with scope for emotions. Carla is a passionate facilitator with an understanding of strategic issues and vision, experience in the boardroom and a sense of humour.

The coaching process that is undertaken depends on your questions, issues and needs. We determine the content and form of the journey together, and it is customised for you. After an initial introduction, the next step is making an action plan. This proposal concerns the goal, way of working, duration and frequency of the process. A quote is also provided. The plan also includes information on the preparation for and contents of every part of the journey.

‘Make things happen instead of letting things happen’

Desired goal:

  • Insight into your own strength(s), motives and values as well as competences and conditions so that you can optimally perform; or what gives you direction in the event of a career switch.
  • Insight into and practicing breaking negative habits that lead to noticeable day-to-day results.
  • Sustainable, valuable investment in yourself.
  • Inspiration, experience, expertise, structure and customisation.

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