Target group


Rietbergen Coaching works with:

  • Employees, executives and managers with questions about their career or development.
  • Teams that want to work more effectively together.
  • Organisations undergoing change.



Carla Rietbergen’s coaching method can be described as a dynamic combination of techniques, intuition and science. From gut feeling to Excel sheets, so to say.



Coaching works. Through coaching, you can improve the quality of your choices, position your expertise, collaborate better and expand your team and network. Increase your awareness, confidence and abilities.



“How do you get the best out of yourself? How do you get the best out of your team?”

It is a simple question, but it gets at the core of all typical issues. It’s about you and your role in the team and how you work together.
Do you set team goals together? How are they achieved? What significance and influence do you want to have in this process?

You get the best out of yourself, others and the team. And getting the best is sustainable, a long-term solution. This is essential because getting the best out of yourself and your team requires patience, focus and connection. Rietbergen Coaching offers you professional coaching for just that.

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