The Coach

Carla Rietbergen from Rietbergen Coaching is a certified coach for professionals and is specialised in coaching and training senior managers and executives as well as their teams. Coaching is provided for individual journeys as well as for teams and organisations. The approach is goal-oriented with sustainable results.


Carla Rietbergen’s peers call her a tough cookie. She coaches and facilitates from the heart. But in a straightforward way. She asks the questions that no one else does. But, thankfully, she always has an answer too. She doesn’t shy away from confrontation. She pushes you to your limits, which results in quickly getting to the heart of the matter without fail. That is her expertise. The problem becomes a question. The question a puzzle. With an achievable solution. Rietbergen is passionate and adept at achieving results collaboratively.

‘Lead with your strength, not your weakness. Don’t just turn a failing grade into a passing grade, but excel.’

Carla Rietbergen is a warm and sensitive person. Her approach is a mix of Rotterdam and Leiden style: polite yet with the creed to be not just talk, but also action! Words and deeds.

As a coach and facilitator, Carla gladly draws upon her 25 years of experience in financial services. She has held both line and staff functions in commerce and HR in various business environments. In addition to extensive work experience and education, Rietbergen uses intuition, life experience and genuine interest.

I am a guide, trainer, sounding board, counsellor and sparring partner, but it’s up to you to make it happen.’