The coaching process that is undertaken depends on the questions, issues and needs that are present in the team. Team goals, expectations, responsibilities, mutual relationships and interaction shape the framework for the development journey of a professional team and its competences.

After an initial introduction, the next step is making an action plan. This proposal concerns the goal, way of working, duration, scope and frequency of the process. A quote is also provided. The plan also includes information on the preparation for and contents of every part of the journey.

Desired goal:

  • Insight into how your team functions, your role in this functioning and tips to work together more effectively.
  • More pro-activity and higher operating results achieved collectively.
  • Growth in ownership and commitment from your team.
  • Noticeable day-to-day results related to the working atmosphere and interaction.
  • Value for each individual in the team, which makes the entire team more than just the sum of its parts.
  • Sustainable investment.

‘Your team works more effectively together through personal insight and connection’

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Carla Rietbergen is coach for professionals and has completed the Postgraduate Study Teamcoaching at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

Rietbergen Coaching is a Qualified Lumina Spark Practitioner.